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Assessment, Evaluation, & Programming System (AEPS®-3) Complete Kit 3/e

for Infants and Children

Streamlined and enhanced with user‐requested updates, the new AEPS®‐3 gives your early childhood program the most accurate, useful child data and a proven way to turn data into action across everything you do, from goal setting to teaching to progress monitoring. Use this highly effective and efficient linked system to assess, develop goals, implement instruction, and monitor progress of every child you work with, from the first months of life through kindergarten.


  • Collect essential assessment data and use it across your key tasks: OSEP reporting, determining eligibility, building IFSPs and IEPs, planning teaching and intervention, monitoring progress, and sharing results with families
  • Track and support emerging skills, where real growth and development happens
  • Link assessment data to a tiered curriculum for designing teaching and intervention strategies that get results
  • Pick up small increments of progress—important when demonstrating growth for children with disabilities
  • Actively involve families, with handouts to support communication and family engagement, forms to collect information about child skills, and reports to share results and progress
  • Strengthen school readiness for every young child by checking and supporting core skills across all areas of child development, including pre‐academic and social‐emotional skills

The AEPS®‐3 Complete Kit includes:

Theres never been a more effective or efficient system for assessing, tracking, and nurturing the development of every child you work with, from the first months of life through kindergarten.

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