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Blowing Up Ukraine

The Return Of Russian Terror and the Threat of World War III
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Russia’s February 24 invasion of Ukraine came from nowhere…? Felshtinsky and Stanchev’s gripping history of Putin’s attempts to Ukraine reveals his earliest attack came as early as 1999. A bestseller published after Russia annexed the Crimea in 2014, it predicted that the Russian invasion was a matter the Russian army’s 6-year planning cycle and would happen in 2021. They argue how Putin must be resisted in order to avoid a potential nuclear conflict that could drag the world into a global war. An authoritative must-read to understand the causes of the crisis and what to do when.
BBC Newsnight describes Dr Yuri Felshtinsky as ‘one of the world’s foremost Putin critics’. He co-wrote bestseller Blowing up Russia with Alexander Litvinenko (Netflix and ITV bio-series in 2022) and was a Hoover Institute Fellow, University of Stanford. Professor Mikhail Stanchev is Head of the Modern History Department at the University of Kharkiv, Ukraine, from which he recently had to flee as a result of the Russian bombardments.
* The authoritative Ukrainian bestseller that predicted Russia’s invasion was but a matter of time and helped the country prepare for the war that was coming. * The book that should be read by every Western leader, fully revised and updated to the present day * Yuri Felshtinsky frequently provides news comment for Sky, the BBC and written media in the UK. Professor Stanchev’s home is in Kharkiv, currently shelled by Russia * A must read for those wanting to understand the Ukrainian-Russian conflict and how to contain it safely * Serialisation, wide review and media interest * ‘Crucially important’ Prof Robert Service on Blowing up Russia by Yuri Felshtinsky with Alexander Litvinenko
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