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To Be Like Water

Cultivating a Graceful and Fulfilling Life Through the Virtues of Water
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Drawing on South and East Asian philosophies and medicines, this book illustrates how our bodies and minds are influenced by our actions, habits, aging, trauma and thought patterns. Using the analogy of being like water, Margot Rossi presents a range of practices - including imagery, Daoyin therapeutic movement, yoga and mindful attention - that help build awareness and potentially shift our form, physiologically and neurologically.
The first section of the book is dedicated to exploring the virtues of being like water, based on 30 years of Rossis professional and personal experience. Each essay ends with Daoyin therapeutic movements, learned and interpreted from the oral teachings of 88th-generation Daoist master Jeffrey Yuen.
The second section offers teachings of Classical Chinese Medicine theory for patients and practitioners alike. It includes detailed case studies, basic diagnostic steps and demonstrates how health concerns can be used as a foundation for change and growth.

CONTENTS Acknowledgments 1 Disclaimers 2 PART 1: A Life History of Water 1. Introduction 3 2. Calming the Waters 10 3. Basic Poses 19 4. Body and Breath Scan 21 5. 81 and 81 Belly Rub 24 6. Heraclitus and the Yoga Master 26 7. Swimming Snake 35 8. Preparing to Stand 37 9. Be Yourself 38 10. Lizard Runs Across the Water 44 11. Four Frog Shimmy 46 12. Obstacle Illusion 48 13. Bamboo Twist 52 14. Free Me 54 15. Equine-imity 56 16. Head Roll and Release 62 17. Opening the Doorways to the Earth 65 18. Opening the Windows of Heaven 67 19. The Purity of Water 69 20. Locust Looks East and West 76 21. Panning for Gold 79 22. Welcome Breathing 82 23. Roll on River 85 24. Locust Looks Ahead 89 25. Returning to the Core 92 26. Unfolding 96 27. Stretch the Bow 100 28. Fire and Water 102 29. The Water Cycle 104 30. Ah Ma Ohm 110 31. Agony and surrender 112 32. Vortex and Splash 115 33. Sidewinder 119 34. Reishi and Hermit 121 35. Circulate and Harmonize Self-Massage 125 PART 2: The Waterways 36. Introduction to Daoyin Practice 131 37. The Warp and Weft: A simple process for diagnosis 147 38. Case Studies 155 39. The Figures 161 a) Fig. 1-8: Basic Poses b) Fig. 9: 81 & 81 Belly Rub c) Fig. 10-12: Swimming Snake d) Fig. 13: Preparing to Stand e) Fig. 14: Lizard Runs Across the Water f) Fig.15-16: Frog Shimmy g) Fig. 22-26: Head Roll and Release h) Fig. 27-30: Opening the Doorways to the Earth i) Fig. 31-34: Opening the Windows of Heaven j) Fig. 35-38: Locust Looks East and West k) Fig. 39-40: Panning for Gold l) Fig. 41-44: Welcome Breath m) Fig. 45-51: Locust Looks Ahead n) Fig. 52-56: Returning to the Core o) Fig. 57-60: Stretch the Bow p) Fig. 61-62: Fire and Water q) Fig. 63-65: Agony and Surrender r) Fig.66-70: Sidewinder 40. Illustrations: The Sinew Meridian Maps a) Ill. 1: Tai Yang Urinary Bladder b) Ill. 2: Tai Yang Small Intestine c) Ill. 3: Shao Yang Gall Bladder d) Ill. 4: Shao Yang Triple Heater e) Ill. 5: Yang Ming Stomach f) Ill. 6: Yang Ming Large Intestine 41. Appendix 42. Further Reading

Nick Pole, Mind/body therapist and author of ‘Words That Touch - How to ask questions your body can answer’

 Flowing, floating, diving deep, Margot Rossi is truly in her element as she invites us to take the measure of ourselves through the subtle power of Dao Yin. Woven together with lessons from her own healers journey, each of these exercises is a potential stepping-stone on that path of self-discovery. 

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