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The Continuum of Restorative Practices in Schools

An Instructional Training Manual for Practitioners
Table of
An instructional manual on restorative justice in schools from world-leading experts; this 'how to' guide offers guidance on the issues of carrying out restorative practices, including coping with day-to-day problems, and offers worksheets for practical daily use. Beginning with challenges to orthodox thinking about behaviour change, it goes on to describe a multitude of approaches to respond to minor incidents in school settings, then takes a close look at using restorative approaches to bullying, before it finally focuses on the formal end of the continuum (including conference preparation and facilitation). This book is reflective of the evolution of processes and responses from the most serious of incidents through to minor everyday issues, making this an essential resource for all school staff.
Margaret Thorsborne, a consultant with a background in teaching and counselling, is a pioneer and expert of restorative practice in educational and other workplace settings. She travels and trains around the world. David Vinegrad is a veteran of working in a diversity of school settings and undertaking a wide range of roles in classroom teaching, student counselling and management. He is the Director of Behaviour Matters, a business dedicated to assisting schools and organisations get the best out of what they do.
Acknowledgements; Foreword; Introduction; Part A. 1. Restorative Approaches and Changing Behavior; 2. Proactive Classroom Meetings; 3. Classroom Conferencing; 4. Conversations along the Continuum: Keeping the small things small; Part B. 5. Decision making: responding to serious harm; 6. Conference preparation; 7. Facilitating the conference; 8. Managing the Emotional Dynamics; 9. After the conference; 10. Responding to bullying; 11. What if?; Appendix; Conference Preparation checklist; Information for conference participants; Sample Letter to Parents; Formal Conference Script; Informal Conference Script; No Blame Classroom Conference Script; Incident -based Classroom Conference Script; Conference Agreement (blank); Conference Evaluation Sheet; Asking good questions; Recommended Reading and Resources; About the Authors
This invaluable manual looks at the continuum of practices in schools implementing restorative approaches to problem-solving
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