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Myofascial Induction (TM) Vol 2

The Lower Body: An Anatomical Approach to the Treatment of Fascial Dysfunction
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In this unique and lavishly illustrated book and its accompanying videos the practitioner can for the first time see the effect of manual interventions on underlying body structures. Volume 2 addresses its applications to the thoracic and lumbar spine, the pelvis, and the lower body.

The authors own teaching and practice provide the material that explains and illustrates fascial anatomy and therapeutic procedures. The beautiful full color photographs and videos of dissections of non-embalmed cadavers show the continuity of the fascial system and its dynamic links to other body systems. By demonstrating the effect that therapy has on body structures the book will be of interest and practical value to the physical therapist, osteopath, chiropractor, physician and all bodyworkers dedicated to manual therapy, as well as to researchers wishing to build on this ground-breaking material.

Dr Andrzej Pilat is a Physiotherapist and specialist in manual therapy. Creator of the Myofascial Induction approach. Lecturer on postgraduate and master degree programs in numerous universities in Spain and other European countries as well as in Central and South America. Author of the book Myofascial Induction, and co-author of books and papers on manual therapy published in Britain, Spain, Italy and the USA. Director of the Tupimek School of Myofascial Therapies, Madrid, Spain. Dr Andrzej Pilat has undertaken pioneering research on fascial anatomy using non-embalmed cadaver dissections and has used his expertise as a photographer to capture the inner beauty of the body in pictures.

Dedication About the author Forewords Preface Online videos Acknowledgments CHAPTER 1 Connecting and moving forward: Fascia as a multifunctional system CHAPTER 2 Thoracolumbar fascia - the heart of the matter CHAPTER 3 Lower quadrant assessment CHAPTER 4 Pelvic girdle dysfunctions: Lower back and sacroiliac structures; Abdominal area MIT procedures for common pelvic girdle dysfunctions: Lower back and sacroiliac structures; Abdominal area CHAPTER 5 Pelvic girdle dysfunctions: Gluteal structures; Inguinal and pubic area; Pelvic floor (external) MIT procedures for common pelvic girdle dysfunctions: Gluteal structures; Inguinal and pubic area; Pelvic floor (external) CHAPTER 6 Lower extremity dysfunctions related to the fascial system MIT procedures for common lower extremity dysfunctions: Thigh compartments; Knee complex; leg compartments; foot structures CHAPTER 7 Fascia and therapeutic movement in translational practice: From the laboratory to the clinic

•Part of a two volume set; Volume 2 covers the lower body

•Includes QR codes to access videos demonstrating practical applications of the clinical procedures in the book

•Includes an extensive glossary explaining scientific terminology

•Author is the creator of the Myofascial Induction approach.

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