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Rapunzel's Heirs

Now that Miri and Rapunzel are all grown up, Rapunzel brings her children to Magnolia Kingdom’s annual spring Tournament. But when one of the young princesses comes into contact with magical relic of Miri and Rapunzel’s past, her life and the safety of Magnolia Kingdom is threatened. Can the royals save the kingdom once more?
Author: Belinda had always dreamed of publishing a book since she was a child, having sent numerous manuscripts to magazines and publishers throughout the years. Her book ‘Rapunzel’s Sister’, was based on a drawing created by her daughter Zoe. Together they wrote the story with Zoe illustrating a few of the characters so that her mum could describe them. Belinda is also a keen artist and produced a short picture book. ‘Cooking with Doggy’. She loves reading, especially children’s books and grew up playing piano and violin. Illustrator: Angelo is a digital artist specialising in adventure, animals, book fantasy, historical and more. He always loved to paint, and was forever competing with his brothers and cousin growing up. He wanted to be a fine art painter but after not getting into the degree course he wanted, he decided to try graphic design. There was an illustration module on the course which he really enjoyed, and so it all began.
* A charming and magical spin on a classic fairy tale. * Fantastical plot with adventurous new characters. * Stunning and eye catching cover art that will charm any modern princess at heart.

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