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Are Ya Right, Mate? A walk around Australia

A true story of courage, joy and connection
“Go for a walk,” suggested the psychologist. Four and half years later, Terra became the first female to walk solo and unsupported around Australia, all in aid of suicide prevention. Not only did the 17,200-kilometre walk set a distance record, but Terra became a roadside counsellor, helping thousands of people on their own paths to mental health recovery. As Terra faces down wild dogs, staggers through dust storms, and battles exhaustion, the story also delves into lifelong experiences of depression, PTSD, anxiety, autism and identity. This is a real-life recounting of surviving and thriving, no matter the odds. The book can be used as a guide for healing, hiking and connecting with Australia’s wild, wonderful, majestic natural places, but above all to living life to the full.
Terra Roam, the name says it all: travelling the Earth and connecting to the landscape. Born with a spirit of adventure, Terra has travelled far and wide, immersing in wild places and world cultures. A strong passion for justice and conservation, Terra has devoted this life to raising awareness and fighting for a more compassionate world. It has not been without its challenges. Autism has given Terra a different perspective and determination to surmount any obstacles along the path. Living in close connection with nature has taught valuable lessons of survival. An accomplished expeditioner, achieving multiple records and facing failures, Terra carries these life-changing experiences with humility, humour and enjoys nothing more than sharing it all so others can also live full and empowered lives.
* The first book recounting Terra Roam's incredible unsupported walk around Australia. * Fascinating insight into the trials, fears and advantages of someone on the autism spectrum. * Terra's 17,000+ km walk was the very first unsupported walk around Australia by a female. * Substantial PR campaign planned - this book is perfect for PR!. * Three month promotional author tour of Australian towns, books stores, events. * Nomination for key/relevant literary awards.

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