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The Science of Happy Employees

What it takes to have a psychologically safe workplace with happy and productive employees
  • ISBN-13: 9781923007697
  • Publisher: PUBLISH CENTRAL
  • By Brenda Jamnik
  • Price: AUD $34.95
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  • Local release date: 01/04/2024
  • Format: Paperback (210.00mm X 148.00mm) 176 pages Weight: 400g
  • Categories: Business studies: general [KJB]
The go to book to understand what Psychosocial Safety, the Science of Happy Employees is about and what it takes have a great hazard free workplace. You know that trying to keep up with is a constant battle particularly the changes in what is expected of you to build a business culture that supports that psychological wellbeing can be confusing and exhausting. Sharing the insights of industry leaders and employee experiences, Dr Brenda Jamnik infuses 30 years' industry experience to help you gain clarity from the complex maze of the potential risks and hazards. Embarking on this reading journey you will gain comfort in realising that there are sign posts. These give you clarity and insights as to the reasons why you think that it is challenging to achieve a positive mental wellbeing and socially safe workplace. You will see how you can put science into being sure you have identified if you have any hazards, where they might be and what you can do about it. Navigating from I am not sure, and that is a bit scary, to ah! ha!, moments, by the time you get to the last page, you will feel a relief. You will now know if you need to do anything in your business in relation to Psychosocial Safety Culture, if so what to do, and where to start. A book with a purpose to help you use science to build a happy workplace without having to understand the science. A must for all businesses in the changing flexible, diverse, multigenerational workplace, where there are increasing pressures, expectations, choices and challenges.
As a renowned Author, International Keynote speaker and Business Consultant and Dr Brenda Jamnik’s experience encompasses working with leading national and international companies as well as government organisations to identify and achieve positive work culture and happy employees through a focused and structured approach. She has achieved this by facilitating, developing and implementing strategies to build and strengthen their human, systems and relationship capabilities and psychosocial capital through cultural and behavioural alignment. Ranging from multi-million and billion dollar infrastructure projects across the Telecommunications, Energy, Road and Rail projects and including Education Dr Jamnik is the go to person with an innate ability to balance pragmatism and empathy. Her ability to work turn the telescope around and view things from a different perspective has built her reputation across Australia, the Pacific and Southeast Asia. The approaches she uses are based on data where she challenges current business habits and behaviours by finding positive alternatives and workable solutions that are easy to implement and have impactful outcomes.
* The Science of Happy Employees shows you how to replace guess work of your workplace culture with science. It is the only book that shows you how to get beyond wondering if your employees all socially safe and have a sense of wellbeing, and shows you how you put science around it so you know that your are safe of if you need to act to manage a hazard.As a Board members, CEO or Head of People and Culture this book (the Science of Happy Employees) will give you piece of mind to understand what you are facing in complying with the Model Code of Practice: Managing psychosocial hazards at work. After reading it you will know how you can take the guess work out of trying to understand people and understand the next steps you can take to baseline, measure and manage the hazards and risks, and include it in your reporting cycle with data. * How is it different from other books in this area? * The Science of Happy Employees doesn’t give you the stories and ask you to interpret these into action, it shows you. You will see how to elevate the identification of your psychosocial hazard from personal observation and trying to read the room to implementing a structured scientific approach with real data and actionable frameworks. You will see how continuous improvement is built in so as you know the actions you identified are working. Publicity: * I am planning to try and have editorial in the Financial Review, Australian and Sydney Moring Herald on the morning of 30 May, and have sent out via courier on 29th May a whole lot of books to who I think the Audience the newspapers are. * I have someone working on identifying Conferences where I can speak and have a booth; also trying to connect with professional bodies such as AHRI, IML etc.. * This is Dr Jamnik's third book that provided frameworks to help businesses with their culture systems and processes to ensure they are successful. * She is a focused LinkedIn member with approximately 1500 followers
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