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2019-2020 Gold Standard GAMSAT Preparation.

You can’t get new insights from old editions. It’s time to get excited about learning again! 

The Completely Revised Gold Standard GAMSAT Textbooks 

Gold Standard GAMSAT Preparation (Australia, Ireland, UK)

Gold Standard has now produced the most comprehensive preparation for the GAMSAT. Three textbooks to help you learn each section in incredible depth. All come complete with heaps of extras, including one-year online access. Each textbook is in colour and has over 400 pages (total: 1312 pages; 3.5 kg). The biggest change from previous editions is the adding of brand new pages and content directed at problem-based learning starting with the most elementary ideas in each domain and working right up to complex GAMSAT-style reasoning. 

  • Skills, strategies and practice for Section 1 and 2
  • Learn, review and practice for Section 3: Physical Sciences and Biological Sciences
  • From basic concepts to GAMSAT-level practice questions
  • Over 1200 MCQs with helpful, worked solutions
  • One-year online access now includes over 300 educational videos
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Gold Standard GAMSAT Organic Chemistry & Biology by Author: Dr Brett Ferdinand

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Gold Standard GAMSAT Home Study Package by Author: Dr Brett Ferdinand

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GAMSAT - Complete 3 Book Set by Author: Gold Standard Media

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AUD 349.00 Normal terms apply

Gold Standard GAMSAT Maths, Physics & General Chemistry by Author: Dr Brett Ferdinand

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